The Oldie

Content Management System custom design and development

The Oldie is not a magazine about retirement. It’s free-thinking and funny, giving readers a light-hearted alternative to a press obsessed by youth and celebrity. Contributors include former MPs Gyles Brandreth and Germaine Greer and it boasts a circulation over 46,000. It’s a very well respected publication.

Client: The Oldie Magazine
Services: Design, Development, Content Management System

The Results





The Challenge

A classic looking site driving revenue growth via third-party integrations, carefully crafted with a variety of users and tech literacy levels in mind.

The confidence and timelessness at the heart of The Oldie’s brand meant the site design would need to maintain long-term appeal. This isn’t the type of publication to rip up a design and start over every six months. Four years on, the website stands testament to its own success. Still live, still teasing The Oldie’s exceptional content, still helping readers of all tech literacy levels navigate the subscription process.

The Context

The Oldie has been regarded as a haven for grumpy old men and women. Past slogans – such as ‘The Oldie: Buy it before you snuff it’– have played up to the image. In truth, the magazine isn’t an age-specific publication, and has many readers in their twenties, thirties and forties.

Designers sometimes laugh about briefs that demand ‘modern but classic’ looks. The two aesthetics are considered oppositional. But we all know the ‘modern classic’ look exists. The Coke bottle, the Jaguar E-type, Google’s search page. You know it when you see it.

Here, we were unapologetically chasing a ‘modern classic’ aesthetic. The site design had to translate the publication’s timeless class for web. It had to make their print-loving audience feel instantly at home while appealing to a new online audience. At a technical level, it also had to support a lot of web traffic.

The Response

With no real online identity prior to our involvement, we set about crafting a site that reflected The Oldie brand and showcased their journalistic endeavours. 

We built the site on Craft CMS, a flexible, user-friendly content management system that makes the creation of custom digital experiences simple.

The site was designed using the most up-to-date digital best practices to ensure a seamless user journey, driving engagement and encouraging visitors to subscribe. We kept the number of core page templates low to ensure a consistent look and feel, as well as providing an easy means of managing content updates in the future.

To keep up with sustainable digital publishing models, The Oldie would also need to hook into third party services and ad platforms to generate revenue from more than just magazine sales and subscriptions.