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“They treat the work and money as if it's their own. I am honest with them about budget because I know they respect it.”

Sonya Link
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The Challenge.

To design and develop a revolutionary clinical E-Learning platform. To create hours and hours of course content to be utilised across 3 continents, in 22 regions and in 10 languages.

…and we didn’t stop there.

The team spotted an opportunity to build on their stellar work by developing and delivering a comms plan to ensure higher engagement from new doctors. This is a crucial step to building long-lasting relationships between Align and doctors.

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The Context.

Align asked Rally to create a brand new platform to revolutionise the way they educate doctors. By creating a new online training platform, Align hoped to free up time for more hands-on, clinical training, meaning doctors would be better trained upon certification.

We were tasked with transforming reams of raw copy into engaging, easy-to-digest video content. We also had to build a bespoke content delivery platform capable of hosting the video content. The focus was on providing doctors with an exceptional user experience so they remained engaged in the learning journey.

The platform would need to scale quickly and easily for global requirements.

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The Response.

Doctors use the Clinical Education Platform to view course content, find event information and download course completion certificates.

To keep them engaged, the content needed to be punchy, informative and well signposted. So our creative team set to work segmenting and editing the footage, including scripting and recording voice-overs.

Meanwhile, our technical team built out the platform that would home the content and sit comfortably within Align’s digital infrastructure.

For example, the solution would need to allow doctors to use the same single sign-in they use elsewhere in Align’s digital ecosystem. We turned this requirement into a benefit, helping Align identify and track doctors from the start to finish of their learning journey. All data is fed back into SalesForce, allowing the operational team to track each doctor’s progress without disrupting existing internal processes.

Thanks to our multi-talented client services team, the work was planned out down to the minute. The creative and technical teams knew precisely what to do at every turn, and the project glided through to deadline.

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