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No Saas product is ever 'finished' and DenGro is no exception. People change so continuous development is key.

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The Challenge.

To give individual practices control and guidance without having to be tech savvy or marketing geniuses themselves.

We engineered an award-winning platform. The simple-to-use tool allows hundreds of practices across the UK to organise patient leads from multiple marketing channels in one place and then set smart reminders for follow-up until the lead books treatment.

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The Context.

DenGro recognised an opportunity for using technology to make life simpler for dental practices. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system tailored to the specific needs of dental practices would not only help them capture and centralise details of potentially valuable patients from a variety of online and offline sources, it could also help track and report on staff performance.

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The Response.

Existing offerings on the market have met resistance from dental practices due to complex interface design. UI design and UX testing were key parts of the product development. A user-friendly interface with a simple wizard-style task flow were central to the project’s success.

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The Work.

Brand assets are modern, friendly and professional. Colourful and open, without crossing over the line into casual.

From a technical perspective, the platform needs to scale to handle significant business growth. That means regular iterations. The technical team opted to build DenGro using Laravel, a framework designed to support the development of a clean, well-tested codebase, and regularly launch new and improved functions as a response to use.

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