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We all like to think we’re making the world a better place. But few people deliver on it like the team at Ethiopiaid.

Their mission is both simple and humbling – supporting lasting change for Ethiopia’s poorest and most vulnerable. They raise funds for experienced, local Ethiopian organisations.

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The Challenge.

To celebrate Ethiopiaid’s partners and recipients, while increasing donations via an improved user journey on a newly designed and built website.

The Ethiopiaid brand needed to come to life online, reflecting the charity’s game changing vision. The site had to deliver well sign-posted content designed to engage visitors, promoting an emotional response to the stories told.

With a small, hard-working in-house team at Ethiopiaid, all with multi-functional roles we recommended a flexible, simple-to-use content management solution. We also needed to ensure that existing third-party services could be integrated and supported.

The Context.

The Rally team has a wealth of experience delivering seamless user experiences for major international brands. Ultimately, that’s what helped us win this project.

The Ethiopiaid team were also impressed with the quality of research demonstrated throughout our pitch. We focused not only on Ethiopiaid’s mission and their operational challenges, but on emerging trends within the charity sector that would support their organisational goals.

The Response.

Our creative concept places donation recipients front and centre. Our research indicated that users would respond well to our central creative concept of individual Ethiopians rewriting their own stories.

The website’s colour palette puts a modern twist on colours traditionally used in Ethiopian art and design work. It’s vibrant but mature. Similarly, our use of pattern drew on typical Ethiopian textile designs. All assets were designed to work effortlessly on mobile and meet accessibility standards – features missing from the legacy site.

From a technical perspective, our dev team modernised Ethiopiaid’s hosting infrastructure, flexible donation platform, search engine optimisation workflow and social media controls. They also ensured Ethiopiaid’s third-party services operate smoothly within a single ecosystem.

Ethiopiaid now has the control they need over on-page design and content thanks to pre-built components and bespoke content management features. Their team is looking forward to maintaining a high-quality content site far beyond the launch date.

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