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“Rally aren't an agency we employ. They are a part of the family. They are at the forefront of pretty much everything we do.”

Cat McLennan
MiSmile Network

Creating a network of like-minded Providers to maximise the practice growth opportunity presented by Invisalign treatment.

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The Challenge.

Dr Kumar was looking for a business and marketing partner to launch and lead the strategic direction of the MiSmile Network, as well as operationally helping to shape, guide and support growth.

The Context.

Our remit is huge and easily be described as that of a typical marketing department.

We manage communications with all network members, create toolkits and marketing material to help support internal practice marketing, lead and create digital assets for our hyperlocal lead generation campaigns, review and analyse business and marketing data weekly, and organise and manage numerous events throughout the year, including a 200 delegate Annual Conference and Charity Gala Dinner.

The Response.

Where shall we start; strategy, video, websites, toolkits, network support, the list goes on. Not to mention hooking the whole Network up with DenGro to ensure no leads fall through the net.

We are still strategic lead for MiSmile and continue to work as their outsourced marketing department.

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